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Our Miami Doctors provide care that changes lives. Our goal is to optimize hormonal levels for our clients through Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.



Providing exceptional anti-aging services to the Miami community.

Our Goal at Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami is to optimize the hormone levels of our patients.  

As people age their hormone levels decrease which can impact their energy levels, metabolism, weight, quality of sleep and mental focus.  While most companies refer to hormone therapy as Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT), internally we refer to this as Hormone Optimization Therapy (HOT).

Our goal and operating principle, unlike that of our competitors, is to take the existing hormones your body generates and augment them through the use of hormone therapy, exercise and eating habits.  So in reality it’s not hormone replacement therapy, it’s hormone balancing or optimization therapy.

Rewind Anti-Aging’s goal is to find the optimal hormone levels for each of our clients.  Our Miami doctors and staff don’t manage just a hormone level but rather how our clients feel by the response to therapy.

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Our Founding

The founder of Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami experienced many of the symptoms that are associated with hormonal imbalance and andropause.  Specifically he was experiencing depression, lack of motivation, low energy and weight gain. He first considered seeing a physician and getting prescribed an antidepressant to try to snap him out of the way that he was feeling.  However after researching the subject and discussing with friends he felt that he might be a candidate for hormone replacement therapy.  He decided to try to attack the cause of the problem first before attacking the symptoms.  As a result he visited an anti-aging clinic.  There he found out he was hormone deficient and he started hormone replacement therapy.

Within weeks our founder began feeling better and within months he felt much better.  He found himself bouncing around with more energy and more mental clarity and the feelings of depression had receded.  He then began discussing his problems with friends and realized that there were many other people out there that suffer from the same feelings and symptoms.

While Our founder wanted some of his friends to begin hormone replacement therapy to address their feelings he had been receiving what he felt was bad service and didn’t want to recommend the company he had been using.  At this point he realized that there was a real, needed demand for quality service in the hormone replacement therapy field and decided to found Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami.

Our primary goal and his vision is to provide exceptional care to anyone that needs hormone replacement therapy or anti-aging services.  This is the goal that drives our organization.

Due to suffering from hormone deficiency our founder understands the benefits of proper care and the difference it can make in someone’s life.  He takes special gratification in helping our patients attack their hormone deficiencies and to help them feel better and have a higher quality of life.


The only problem the founder had was that he’s not a doctor.  So what does someone do that wants to start a business that requires a doctor? Approach and recruit the most brilliant doctor he had ever encountered and to partner with the doctor to form Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami.  Together they work to provide exceptional service to all of their clients and to help all of these clients optimize their hormones.

After deciding to start Rewind our founder recruited the best physician that he had ever encountered and convinced him to join the organization.  Together they are focused on redefining the anti-aging space by providing exceptional care to their patients.

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Focused on Providing Exceptional Care
Brian Burk
Brian Burk


Brian is the founder and CEO of Rewind Anti-Aging Group.

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