Male Hormone Replacement Therapy – HRT

Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami offers a variety of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapies.




Declining Hormones?

Does your mind say yes when your body says no?

You had expected that this period of your life would be different, would feel different. You’re left wanting increased muscle mass, faster recovery from workouts, and more energy. You want better sexual performance, weight loss, and overall better vitality. Most of all you want to feel young again. Hormone imbalance may at be the root of the physical and mental issues you are experiencing.

Bioidentical hormones, administered through a physician-prescribed treatment plan will provide you with the means to end the “wanting” and start the “living”.  With scientific breakthroughs every day, Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami has partnered with the right companies to supply our customers with quality American made bioidentical medication.  We believe in proactive healthcare instead of reactive healthcare!


Hormone Deficiency Explained

Low T & HGH Deficiency
Fighting Low T in Miami

As men age their testosterone levels decrease, a condition known as low testosterone or Low-T develops. When the testosterone levels begin dropping this is the beginning of a process known as andropause.  Some people refer to this as male menopause. When andropause occurs men can experience lower energy levels, loss of muscle mass, decreased libido and poorer sleep to name a few of the symptoms.  It has also been found that men with higher levels of testosterone often have a higher quality of living and higher life expectancy.

Studies have also shown men with lower testosterone levels have a much higher risk of developing osteoporosis and diabetes. Sadly, hormone deficiencies often go undetected, leading physicians to treat symptoms like depression, rather than the underlying hormonal problem. These physicians are treating the symptom and not the cause.

Decreasing HGH Levels

Human Growth Hormone often referred to as HGH is another hormone that decreases over time. Human growth hormone is responsible for many important functions such as bone growth, muscle growth and brain functions. When a person hits their mid 20s to early 30s HGH production begins to decline thus affecting the bodies’ abilities to function in these areas. By the time we reach the age of 30, our HGH levels are only about 20 percent of their peak levels during childhood, and after the age of 30, they continue to decline at about 12 to 15 percent per decade, and often much more. So at the time when our bodies need HGH for repair, our own production of HGH is at its lowest.


Low T Symptoms
  • Decreased Sex Drive

  • Difficulty Achieving an Erection

  • Low Semen Volume

  • Fatigue and Lack of Energy

  • Loss of Muscle Mass

  • Increase in Body Fat

  • Decrease in Bone Mass

  • Mood Changes

  • Sleep Disturbances

  • Depression

Adult HGH deficiency Symptoms
  • A higher level of body fat, especially around the waist

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Decreased sexual function and interest

  • Fatigue

  • Feelings of being isolated from other people

  • Greater sensitivity to heat and cold

  • Less muscle (lean body mass)

  • Less strength, stamina and ability to exercise without taking a rest

  • Reduced bone density and a tendency to have more bone fractures as they get older

Battling Hormone Deficiency with Bio-Identical Hormones in Miami

Thankfully through hormone replacement therapy the symptoms of hormone deficiency can be addressed.   There are many tools to fight hormone deficiency and at Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami we work with our clients to determine the best approach.  These tools include the following:

Testosterone Therapy

Low testosterone levels can be treated through the use of bio-identical testosterone injections.  During treatment the client’s blood levels are monitored to gauge improvement.

Sermorelin/HGH Therapy

At Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami we believe the safest and most effective treatment to increase HGH levels for most clients is through Sermorelin Therapy. Sermorelin is used in conjunction with GHRP2 or GHRP6 to increase the body’s natural release of HGH.


Some patients can increase their testosterone levels by changing their diets and lifestyle habits.  We often recommend a mediterranean style diet which increases intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes and fish while decreasing processed foods.


Hormonal levels can be increased through a proper exercise routine.

Why work with us?

Our team at Rewind Anti-Aging Group is focused on providing exceptional care and guidance to our clients.  Our team works with clients to understand their lifestyles and goals and to come up with an appropriate anti-aging approach.

Understand Patient Lifestyle and Goals
Perform in-depth laboratory tests
Analyze lab results and client lifestyle/goals
Define wellness plan for the client

Benefits of Hormone Replacement

Testosterone Therapy Benefits
Sermorelin/HGH Therapy Benefits