Concierge Services

Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami will be offering concierge services in the future. This will enable our clients to receive treatment for many procedures in the comfort of their own homes.


concierge anti-agin

Providing Unparalleled Client Services

The Rewind Anti-Aging Group will provide its’ clients with Concierge at home services in 2016.

Coming Soon in 2016.

Miami anti-aging services provided in the comfort of your home.

Part of the mission of Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami is to provide exceptional care to our clients.  Some of our clients have such busy schedules that doctor office visits are just not possible.  To accommodate these clients Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami will begin offering in home service for minor procedures and appointments.  These in home services will be offered at a slight additional cost.

  • Botox
  • In Home Physical
  • In Home Blood Draw
  • In Home Product Instructions
  • In Home Vitamin IV