Vitamin D and Testosterone

Vitamin D plays a crucial role in testosterone production. A deficiency of vitamin D may increase aromatization of testosterone to estrogen. If you are trying to maximize your testosterone levels this is a very bad thing.

We also know vitamin D deficiency is soaring in the United States in large part due to a lack of sun. In fact, deficiency could be as high as 77% according to one recent study. (1)

Does Vitamin D Boosts Free Testosterone? Let’s look at some studies:

Human Case Study 1

One study found men with a deficiency have significantly lower testosterone levels and higher estrogen levels.

These men also had a higher percentage of body fat, less lean mass, higher rates of cardiovascular disease, more depression, and were less fertile than men with adequate levels of D. (2)

Human Case Study 2

In another study, men with low testosterone were supplemented with vitamin D and it was found to increase free testosterone levels by a whopping 20% and total and bioactive testosterone also increased! (3) No difference in testosterone levels were seen in the placebo group so the researchers were able to clearly see the effects came directly from supplementation.

Vitamin D and Sunlight

Natural sunlight is your best source of vitamin D.Your body will naturally produce vitamin D when exposed to sunlight for a long enough period of time. However, determining exactly how much sunlight you need is rather difficult. It’s no wonder that so many of us fall short of getting adequate D levels via sunlight absorption with our long work days, commute times, family responsibilities.

Vitamin D Absorption

Vitamin D is crucial to absorbing some minerals such as magnesium which is also on our list of best testosterone boosting supplements. Interestingly magnesium will help your body make D more bioactive as well! (4) Supplementing with boron is also crucial to maximizing your bodies ability to absorb vitamin D. (5)

Vitamin D Supplementation

At Rewind Anti-Aging we offer both Vitamin Dhigh quality supplements in the form of capsules or Vitamin D injectables. You are welcome to stop by the office for a free consultation with one of our patient advocates.


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