Peptide Therapy

At Rewind Anti-Aging of Miami we offer HGH Boosting Peptide Therapy

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Growth Hormone Boosting Peptide Therapy

HGH is often referred to as the mother of all hormones. It has the ability to stimulate growth, cell reproduction and regeneration in humans. Our pituitary gland secretes large amounts of HGH when we are young to help us grow. HGH production decreases significantly as we age. This decline in HGH can contribute to many signs of aging including wrinkles, weight gain, muscle loss, body aches, trouble sleeping, weak bones, decreased energy and mood changes. Growth hormone peptide therapy uses bioidentical synthetic hormones to stimulate secretion of your body’s natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production.

Peptide Therapy is a three step process listed below:

Step 1 – HRT Blood Panel
Step 2 – HRT Doctor Consultation
Step 3 – Peptide Therapy Protocol

  • Sermorelin Therapy
  • Ipamorelin / CJC1295 Therapy